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  • Internet Health Checker

    From time-to-time users experience a lag in their Internet connection. This may include slow downloading and uploading speeds and an inability to stream Netflix on the get go.

    So, we here at Techs Telco recommend that a licensed Techs Telco technician and assess your internal wall sockets. An on-site visit will help our technicians to conduct a comprehensive internet speed test which will help to identify the root cause of the slow Internet problems.

    This internet health checker test also helps to monitor network congestion and router performance. Our Wi-Fi speed test ensures that you’re never left behind when it comes to browsing, streaming, and downloading.

    Health Check for Internet

    Cost: $85

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    When searching for a reliable technician, call us at 0425816660. We specialize in phone, internet repairs, phone line installations, data cabling services, NBN MDF Jumpering, lead-In Services, Access Point/ Wifi Services, Internet Cabling Services, Internet Health Check, and CCTV & Intercom Services!