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  • NBN MDF Jumpering

    When you get a new telephone or Internet connection, your service provider needs to connect the wiring of your telephone to the main distribution frame in your building or the apartment you’re living in.

    In simple terms the MDF network is the connection box through all the incoming phones and Internet lines to. There are basically to sides ‘A’ Side and ‘B’ Side through which the MDF works.

    So, if you’re in need of new phone or Internet service to be connected to your apartment or office you’ll need to call in MDF Jumpering Services.

    Here are the types of MDF Jumpering Services we offer:

    • NBN + ADSL2
    • VDSL / VDSL2
    • PSTN standard phone or phone system patching
    • NBN Phone Port FXO / FXS voice VoIP jumpering

    MDF Jumpering Services FTTN/FTTB

    Cost: $125

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